Mobile Dog Gym

Climate Controlled Exercise Sessions on our Dog-Powered Treadmills

We bring our climate-controlled mobile dog fitness centre to you! Our manually operated, slat-style treadmills are designed for dogs of all shapes and sizes, up to to 150 lbs. We offer a unique, safe way to walk, run, and exercise your dogs in any kind of weather.

A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog

We are huge advocates for walking your dog, and our treadmill services aren’t meant to replace regular walks. But Austin weather is not always the most cooperative, and sometimes it’s hard to find time for a walk when there’s only an hour or two a day when the temperature is safe for your dog. Hot asphalt can burn your dog’s paw pads, and dogs can overheat quickly when it’s warm out. 

Some dogs have a need for speed that they just can’t achieve with a human on the other end of the leash, and many breeds need vigorous exercise that isn’t always achievable for city dogs who don’t have a lot of open spaces available to them. 

Our treadmills allow the dog to set the pace that is comfortable for them, and in many cases that pace is a full-on gallup! It’s so much fun to see the joy on a dog’s face when they realize they can run as fast as they want, without a human holding them back!

Benefits of Exercise

What to Expect

Most dogs will require a session or two to get accustomed to the treadmill. We offer an Introductory Session where we spend time slowly introducing your dog to the treadmill and building positive associations with it. Here are the phases your dog will go through as they learn to use the treadmill.



Your dog needs time to learn and feel comfortable on the equipment and getting to know the staff. With so many different dog personalities, it is expected that in the beginning some will be unsure, skeptical, or just plain stubborn. Since each dog is different, the amount of time learning to be comfortable will vary.



Your dog now feels confident and is moving comfortably on the treadmill. Your dog controls the speed, they are walking and/or running on their own. Our staff is there to make sure your dog is moving safely and at a consistent speed.



This is where we challenge your dog to do more. Interval training, incline, and resistance. Strength and endurance are what we are striving for, providing that mental and physical challenge.

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